Healthy recipes with eggplant

Plain eggplant (150 g)
An energy intake of 30 Kcal;
5 g of carbohydrates;
1g protein;
Traces of lipids;
750 mg of minerals (15 mg of calcium, 390 mg of potassium).
Aubergine à la provençale (150 g, olive oil, garlic and parsley)
An energy intake of 75 Kcal;
5 g of carbohydrates;
1g protein;
5g fat;
900 mg of minerals (30 mg of calcium, 450 mg of potassium).
Italian eggplant (150 g, tomato coulis, mozzarella, olive oil)
An energy intake of 170 Kcal;
7 g carbohydrates;
6g protein;
10 g of fat;
1500 mg of minerals (85 mg of calcium, 700 mg of potassium).
A good combination
Italian eggplants: there are minerals and trace elements from plants (eggplants and tomatoes) and calcium in particular (mozzarella) but also virgin olive oil rich in monounsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E antioxidant for the protection of the heart and blood vessels.
Day to day
Once cooked, eggplant has a soft and tender consistency due to its abundant fibers, especially composed of proto-pectins, for a smooth functioning of the intestine. For maximum tolerance, choose very fresh aubergines with shiny and tender skin which will then have very few or no seeds. Remove the skin if necessary.
“Moussaka” version… where we find all the protective substances of eggplant, the proteins and minerals of meat and béchamel. A family meal, perfect for the needs of a growing child or teenager.