Carrot recipe

Receipts Vichy carrots (200 g, 5 g butter, raw parsley) An energy intake of 100 Kcal; 6g fiber; Presence of saturated fatty acids (butter); Slight losses in carotenes (10 to 20%), but more than 100% of the insured needs. Grated carrots with vinaigrette (80 g, 10 g vinegar oil, mustard) An energy intake of 120 kcal; 100% of provitamin A requirements; 2.5g fiber; Polyunsaturated fat intake. Creamed carrots (150 g, 120 ml béchamel) An energy intake of 200 kcal; 4.5g fiber; Good calcium intake (milk + carrots): 17% of ANC; Presence of saturated fatty acids (milk + butter); Slight losses in carotenes 10 to 20%, but more than 100% of the insured needs. A good association Grated carrots drizzled with fresh orange juice and a drizzle of oil: a double vitamin contribution (carotenes from carrots and vitamin C from oranges), characteristic of the fruit and vegetable group, and giving this simple salad high antioxidant power. Day by day For children, provitamin A for growth: Soup Crécy: The soup makes you grow thanks to the provitamin A of the carrot. Potato and carrot doormat, sautéed in very little oil: a balanced carbohydrate dish (complex in the potato, simple in the carrot), preferred source of energy for children. Carrot stuffed with lean meat: a dish with an interesting protein content, with a good presence of fiber and carbohydrates.