Healthy Recipes with Garlic

Healthy Recipes with Garlic Recipes
Raw garlic clove (3 g)
Negligible energy intake;
Good presence of sulfur substances.
Pesto (garlic, basil, olive oil)
An energy intake of 60 to 80 Kcal per 10 g (1 spoonful);
Presence of sulfur substances;
Intake of vitamins (basil) and monounsaturated fatty acids (olive oil);
Good synergy of components for cardiovascular protection.
Aioli (Garlic, Olive Oil, Egg Yolk)
an energy intake of 90 Kcal per 10 g (1 spoonful);
Presence of sulfur substances;
Increase in lipids, predominantly monounsaturated (olive oil).
A good combination
Minced cabbage sprinkled with fresh garlic: a veritable cocktail of protective substances. Garlic and cabbage contain specific substances, rich in sulfur, involved in the prevention of certain cancers. For maximum effectiveness, they are eaten raw.
Day to day
Three ways to use garlic, depending on your digestive tolerance:
Whole pod which flavors but which is not eaten (stuck in meat or added to a sauce), only a small fraction of the components goes into the preparation, the health benefit is less marked.
Garlic juice obtained using a garlic press, the irritating fibers are not consumed, which facilitates digestion.
Whole clove minced, to benefit from all the specific components of garlic and its more pronounced flavor.