Healthy recipe ideas with Tomato


Nature tomato (100 g)
Energy intake of 15 Kcal ;
No fat;
1 g protein ;
9 mg calcium.

Tomato dipped in salt (150 g)
Energy intake of 22 Kcal ;
30% of the ANC of vitamin C ;
2 g fiber, various minerals, no fat.

Egg casserole with tomato pulp (100 g, 1 egg, 1 teaspoon sour cream, chives)
Energy intake of 145 Kcal ;
11 g fat ;
7 g protein ;
45 mg calcium.

Tomato Mozzarella (100 g, 40 g of mozzarella, 10 g of olive oil)
Energy intake of 225 Kcal ;
25 % of the ANC of vitamin C;
Increased intake of calcium and protein ;
Saturated and monounsaturated (20 g).

Stuffed tomatoes (220 g, 80 g filling)
Energy intake of 320 kcal ;
Loss of vitamins due to cooking;
Concentration of minerals and fiber;
Presence of proteins of good biological value;
Fat intake reduced to a farce with lean beef.

A good combination

Tomatoes stuffed with rice: a recipe for lunch, which combines the lightness of the tomato complex carbohydrates of rice, without excess fat or protein. Herbs, garlic and onion, increase the protective qualities of the tomato.

Tomato Mozzarella: big summer classic and beautiful blend of mozzarella and protein substances that protect the tomato micro-constituents, carotenoids, fiber … with a plus calcium


Almost always spiced oil, tomato indirectly promotes the coverage of our need for vitamin E and unsaturated fatty acids :

Tomato slices drizzled with olive oil, rapeseed for monounsaturated fatty acids, and alpha-linolenic (omega 3).

Soup Record of cold olive oil: fatty acids and monounsaturated good balance of blood cholesterol.

Tomatoes Provencal cooked with very little sunflower oil, rich in linoleic acid (omega 6) and vitamin E.

Excellent appetizers virtues: the tomato juice or as an appetizer, lightly tangy, stimulates digestive secretions and facilitate the uptake of meals.

Pizza with fresh tomatoes and drizzle of olive oil, a duet for protecting our heart and our arteries (unsaturated fatty acids, pigments).

For fragile intestines, preferring less fiber varieties that have few seeds, the tomatoes by plunging a minute in boiling water to remove the skin.