Healthy Recipe Ideas with Dry Onion


Tomato salad with onion (100 g, 25 g onion, 5 g olive oil, parsley, lemon)
An energy intake of 75 Kcal ;
Few if calorie seasoning (60% of energy intake) is moderate ;
Good mix for cardiovascular protection among the sulfur compounds in onions and unsaturated fatty acids of olive oil.

Vegetable stew with onions (50 g of each vegetable, onions, potatoes, carrots, peas, turnips, butter 10 g)
An energy intake of 200 Kcal ;
Diversity of micronutrients ;
Extended Range microcomponents the benefit of the workings of synergy ;
Butter (90 kcal), potato and peas bring here the majority of calories.

Stuffed Onions (100 g, 80 g meat, 1 egg 1 / 4, 10 g bread, butter 5 g)
An energy intake of 250 Kcal ;
Protein 20 g ;
Meat Fat 15 g ;
Energy intake is balanced by complex carbohydrates rice.

A good combination

Gratin with onion: a crisp way to find this dish in calcium (cheese) and complex carbohydrates (bread). In addition to the water in that soup, onion, equipped with fructans and a ratio of potassium to sodium level, reinforces the diuretic effect.


Cru: it fits in all chopped salads.

Cooked: The onion is digestible. Its fibers are converted into compounds moderately mucilaginous laxative. We can make a vegetable in its own right to garnish meat, stewed, pissaladiere …

Grow in a glass of water a stalks green onion. Chopped green onions as they add trace elements, minerals, vitamins C and B9, a winter dish, where the cool season is missing sometimes.