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Natural apricot (120 g)
An energy contribution of 56 Kcal ;
1,8 – 3,6 of the provitamin A ;
12 g of simple carbohydrates.

Compote of apricots – 1 part (120 g, 10 g of sugar)
An energy contribution of 96 Kcal ;
1,3 – 2,5 of the provitamin A ;
22 g of simple carbohydrates.

Cottage cheese in the coulis of apricot – 2 parts (120 g, 200 g of cottage cheese 40 %, 25 g of sugar, lemon juice)
An energy contribution of 386 Kcal ;
1,9 – 3,7 of the provitamin A ;
44 g of simple carbohydrates.

Apricot tart – a share and a half (120 g, 45 g flour, 22g butter, 15g sugar)
An energy intake of 430 Kcal ;
1.3 to 2.5 of provitamin A ;
27 g of simple carbohydrates.

A good combination

Cottage cheese and fruit for a cap, topped with a delicious apricot sauce : fresh and easy dessert to make that retains good vitamin content of raw fruits … associated with the nutritional value of dairy (calcium).


Poached Apricot and finely past the first tests of baby, then just crashed. The fibers (pectin in particular) are so well tolerated. If it is ripe, apricots will not need to be sweetened.
Apricot-free : practical use, rich in potassium, this fruit is ideal to recover from strenuous exercise.

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Sodea is proud to be the first experience in Tunisia in the field of the conditioning and prepackaging of fruits and vegetables.
It was created in 1995 in khelidia, an agricultural suburb 25 km far from Tunis. Sodea favours fruits and vegetables in the national level (leader of the repacked products distributes in big stores) as well as in the international level (leader of the new products destined to exportation). The Sodea is endowed with and industrial area of about 5000 m2 containing 20 refrigerator warehouses with a capacity of 1200 tons. Sodea industry consist of an electronic tooling (ganging and conditioning), while allows to treat 2000 tons of vegetables and 5000 tons fruits. The products are selected by a team made up of specialized engineers who ensure supplying from the farmers which label is based on...
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