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Little energy, but well endowed with minerals and vitamins, the tomato is one of the vegetables at high nutrient density of these substances. For 100 kcalories, it provides in effect: 93 mg calcium, 73 mg magnesium, 3.3 mg iron, 0.9 mg zinc and 120 mg of vitamin C, 6.7 mg vitamin E, 0, 13 mg of folic acid. It participates in the nutritional balance of food, we want today and not too mild heat, certainly, but also well endowed with “security feature”.

Tomato is eaten as an appetizer of raw vegetables or juice form, its virtues are popular appetizers: the sour taste indeed stimulates digestive secretions, and prepares the proper assimilation of food.

His interest in the prevention of cancer is now recognized through various epidemiological surveys. They have shown that regular consumption of tomato and sufficient (like cabbage and carrots, for that matter) was correlated with a lower rate of cancers. It is believed that lycopene in carrot (this carotenoid pigment near the provitamin A) could have a protective effect against cancer. Action may be enhanced by the presence of vitamin C, vitamin E and fiber, other effective factors in this area.

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Sodea is proud to be the first experience in Tunisia in the field of the conditioning and prepackaging of fruits and vegetables.
It was created in 1995 in khelidia, an agricultural suburb 25 km far from Tunis. Sodea favours fruits and vegetables in the national level (leader of the repacked products distributes in big stores) as well as in the international level (leader of the new products destined to exportation). The Sodea is endowed with and industrial area of about 5000 m2 containing 20 refrigerator warehouses with a capacity of 1200 tons. Sodea industry consist of an electronic tooling (ganging and conditioning), while allows to treat 2000 tons of vegetables and 5000 tons fruits. The products are selected by a team made up of specialized engineers who ensure supplying from the farmers which label is based on...
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