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With their relatively high in complex carbohydrates (starch) potatoes can help to rebalance the diet (today, often high in fat and deficient in complex carbohydrates). This, of course, provided to choose the methods of preparation preferably less fat (these are also the most digestible!). See below the energy intake of each type of preparation of potatoes. In exchange, the appetite will be perfectly happy without entailing excessive caloric adds.

Their vitamin C is even more interesting that the potatoes can be consumed regularly and in significant quantity (a small portion is about 200g). Thus, given the losses in cooking, a dish of potato provides about 18 mg of vitamin C per person (over 20% of daily needs). And if they are new potatoes, this contribution may exceed 35 mg (almost half the daily requirement).

Potatoes also contribute effectively to the supply of magnesium, often deficient in the diet: one serving of 200 g of potatoes provides 50 mg (which is substantial, given the daily needs of about 350 mg) . To best protect the magnesium content of potato, prefer steaming, or baking (rather than cooking in water). They also allow a further significant amount of iron.

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Sodea is proud to be the first experience in Tunisia in the field of the conditioning and prepackaging of fruits and vegetables.
It was created in 1995 in khelidia, an agricultural suburb 25 km far from Tunis. Sodea favours fruits and vegetables in the national level (leader of the repacked products distributes in big stores) as well as in the international level (leader of the new products destined to exportation). The Sodea is endowed with and industrial area of about 5000 m2 containing 20 refrigerator warehouses with a capacity of 1200 tons. Sodea industry consist of an electronic tooling (ganging and conditioning), while allows to treat 2000 tons of vegetables and 5000 tons fruits. The products are selected by a team made up of specialized engineers who ensure supplying from the farmers which label is based on...
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